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Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf was born in 1954 in Munich, Germany. He currently lives and works in Hong Kong, and has been engaged in photographing various aspects of Chinese cultural identity and local urban architecture. He is the recipient of the first prize of the "World Press Photo Award Competition" in both 2005 and 2010. Wolf has realised numerous exhibitions worldwide, including the "12th Venice Architectural Biennale" in 2010 and the "China Design Now" in 2008 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Portraits of Cantonese Opera
Photo installation

In Portraits of Cantonese Opera, Michael Wolf continues his visual exploration of Hong Kong's cityscape through a series of aesthetically classical portraiture. Framed within the contemporary outdoor setting of Hong Kong, Wolf utilises his lens to capture the essence of Cantonese Opera and its celebrated performers, documenting the specificity and individuality of each character and their costumes. His approach of juxtaposing the tradition of Cantonese Opera against the backdrop of a modern environment conveys his unique reflection on our city and its diverse cultural contexts.