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Gaylord Chan

Born in 1925 in Hong Kong, Gaylord Chan worked in the telecommunications sector before becoming a full-time artist. Self-taught, Chan attended his first art lesson with the Extra Mural Studies at the University of Hong Kong. He was the co-founder of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society in 1974 and was a founding member of the Artmatch Group in 1995. Chan has participated in over a hundred major exhibitions both locally and internationally. Awarded an MBE in 1986, he was also the recipient of the "Artist of the Year Award" from Hong Kong Artists Guild in 1990.

New Year Trophy Set of 12

Oscillating between the figurative and the abstract, Gaylord Chan's art is known for its simplicity, invigorating ordinary things with a unique pictorial composition. For health reasons, he rechanneled his artistic creativity from painting to computer drawings. Using basic computer software, Chan has developed a brand new language of artistic expression. At the age of 86, the artist retains his passion and enthusiasm for artistic creativity with over 400 digital prints in the past decade. For his work New Year Trophy Set of 12, Chan has turned digital prints into celebratory flags and has written a Chinese ballad to illustrate his creative ideas.